Free Mobile TV

While there are indeed plans available for subscribers to watch an unlimited amount of television on their mobile phones, the need to keep a few extra bills in one’s wallet remains to be a daunting one. Now more than ever, money is hard to come by, and thus one cannot exactly be expected to shell out a significant amount of money for just a few minutes of entertainment everyday. At the same time, however, it would certainly be a waste of the mobile television capabilities of that snazzy new device if one were not to use it.

Yes, there are still some things free in this modern dog-eat-dog-and-sell-the-bones world we live in. Free mobile TV may not exactly boast of the typical programs any individual would get on cable television, but maybe that is precisely where it draws its popularity from (aside, of course, from the fact that it’s free). The free mobile TV stations available for viewing are unbelievably vast: channels which feature extreme sports like skateboarding, skiing and their majestic executions can be seen alongside channels devoted specifically to the accidents and wipe-outs these athletes experience. On another station (several actually) is a collection of short art films, while others feature simple cartoons. With the costs of living nowadays and with no raise in the visible horizon, people will continue to flock toward free mobile TV for its rich content and its undoubted effectiveness as a boredom-killer—anyone with a 3G phone in hand can enjoy the service beginning with a quick search on the Internet.

Although free mobile TV is by no means just a cheaper substitution of their costly counterparts; it is actually an avenue for the most random things that broadcasters can think of, and the public is paying for the service with their attention, not with their pocketbooks.